-We'll run this against most zones, including the 2-3. The Stars are defenders
-Two guards and two big men occupy the same basic spots. The key mover is the "Gopher," denoted here as the 3.
-The Gopher runs from corner to corner, following the ball. So

gopher phase 1.gif
Now let's say 1 passes it to the 2. Then the Gopher runs to the opposite corner looking for the ball.

gopher phase 2.gif
Now let's say that we get the ball to the gopher. Then the gopher either has a shot, or has a few passing options.
-The closer big man (here, it's the 5) might be open in the post
-The opposite big man (here, it's the 4) should flash to the middle of the lane. That person will be open unless the little guy on the other team drops down to guard him
-If that happens, the nearside guard (here, it's the 2) is open.

gopher phase 3.gif