Press Breakers

"Chicken" (Our Default vs. Full Court Man to Man)

-Ideally, The 1 and the 2 set up at the spots shown. However, the precise spots don't really matter. The key thing is that the 2 screens for the 1. Then the 2 goes in the opposite direction.
-Our goal is to get the ball to our ball handler and then get everyone out of there. Once we get it to the point guard, the point guard should yell "Clear" and then other players should leave. However, as you leave, keep your eye on the ball and make sure your man doesn't start trapping the ball.



-We'll run this against zone or man presses. The 5 should be way down by the basket.
-Phase 1: Three men stand at the 3-point line and go in three separate directions. Doesn't matter who goes where.
tres phase 1.gif

-Phase 2: If we inbound to the corner and they trap, the other players always fill the following three spots: Even with the ball, Down the Sideline, and at a 45 degree angle.
-If the ball goes to the middle, that player should try to dribble the ball forward as far as possible. When he passes to the side, the other players go to the three spots.

tres phase 2.gif